4 November 2019

An easy start before motoring up the Lundazi road to visit the District Education Board Secretary with whom we are liaising regarding the new school build. It was important that she understood exactly what our commitment is to the project and what we expected in return. I’m pleased to say she is a woman I can do business with and have every confidence she will support STEPHEN in what is a major undertaking. To see what the World Bank are funding we went some way to a school build that Chris and party visited in May as a yardstick for our project. Well, 6 months have passed and I’m not surprised how little progress has elapsed.

Just I was writing the last sentence Stephen yelled come and see the national news!! There we were in all our glory from last week’s visit. I hope it transmits as Ed filmed the sequence. The only other thing of note was the first storm of the season. High winds before the deluge caused a large branch in the yard to come down. It’s marvellously fresh, we have the BBQ on and bingo the mains have just been turned off for another 16 hours.


Mr Khunga, Stephen, site foreman and Edmund Cudlip.

Just returned from our last bone-jangling, kidney-bashing trip – what a relief.
Mains electricity is still not restored so our poor old generator has had a serious run during our time here. A visit to well no 2 set me off as usual. Plenty of tobacco seed beds some vegetables but zero ginger in a field I inspected on my last visit. Then to add to my ire the village folk were complaining the pump rods were not working to pump water at full capacity. It’s a frustrating business trying to encourage innovative crops which earn money outside of the normal crop cycle. A visit to our occupied beehives and a lesson to Ed on Moringa trees before visiting the kindergarten and school build for the last time concluded this trip. Incidentally we now have a large herd of goats and will be selling some, the money going to increase the support to the kindergarten and Mrs Khunga. On return it was what I term as “ a wet towel round the head day”, reconciling the accounts for the current half year, allocating the budget for January to June next year and now made even more mind bending with a major project account. Stephen is meticulous in accounting for our money and I have the greatest admiration for his frugal spending. Even when the mains electricity is off he will not use the generator but tough it out because diesel is expensive.

We dined at Mamarula for our last night and took Stephen and Rachael with us. It’s been a great, if hot and tiring trip and Ed, who has travelled me, has enjoyed his first foray into Africa. He is producing some wonderful video for you to enjoy in due course.

Mr Khunga and Edmund.

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