2 November 2019

It’s Rugby World Cup final at 11 our time so I’m afraid it’s Mamarulas, a South African owned establishment at 10 for the build up. Written before we went so now back home seriously chastened by a magnificent Springbok demolition of the brave red roses. You can just imagine the kindly abuse we suffered as the hosts started their celebrations in earnest – oh well France 2023 it will have to be. Work doesn’t stop however and Stephen was back in town hiring lorries to transport crushed stone and cement as we should start laying concrete tomorrow on the teachers houses we are building. It’s amazing how he achieves this as there are no rental or transport companies, it’s word of mouth getting trucks and his network of contacts beggars belief. Following church tomorrow we will be off to see the 5 remaining orphans yet to be seen.

With great relief the Pastor was in control this morning and we were able to get on our way to the villages in under 2 hours and it was a little cooler to boot. I’m delighted to report the mopping up of the last children to be seen was a success albeit they were spread over the entire kingdom and we got back just before dark after some tough driving. It’s two working days to go so it’s almost mission accomplished – thank goodness as this has been a tough one.

Patrick, a new boy to join us, with his grandfather of 87 years.

Mrs Khunga, the wonderful head teacher of Mercers and wife of the village headman.

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