5 June 2019

Well that’s that, travellers. This team’s last day here in beautiful Zambia. We’ve been feeling very reflective, thinking back over what we set out to do, what we accomplished, and all the amazing, inspiring sights and sounds and people along the way. Looking further back as well, with Chris remembering the very first trip and first ‘spade in the ground’ all those years ago. This is the seventh year of operation now for Zoe, and over that time the friendships, hardships and achievements for this worthy cause, supporting the futures of charming Zambian children, have built up a genuine connection between the lovely people in our two hemispheres. This is evident in the very warm welcome we’ve all received (including the new visitors in the team) for being part of an organisation that is now so well known and loved in these parts. All in all we’ve been feeling very glad for the Zoe project and excited for the future. We hope you are too. The team are coming away with lots of notes, photographs and a plan of action for next steps – not to mention fantastic memories.

We’ve also discovered and learned lots on our adventures, and so wanted to share our top bush survival tips with you:

1. Bring gingernuts on any outing, especially with Stephen.
2. Follicle numbness is a thing, long periods of open windows and hair lashing around will do this to you. Bring a good hat.
3. It takes about 3 days to get your ‘sea legs’ on the bumpy roads, stick with it.
4. Always carry Ngwee (pennies) to stop for bananas.
5. Good bush picnics include peanut butter and said bananas.
6. Have a good driver (suggest Stephen or Caroline).
7. Know your reptiles and how to spot a Black Mamba slither pattern!
8. Look out for UFO’s (Uniformed Fleeing Orphans who should be at school).
9. Don’t bother looking for the North Star.
10. Must be home before dark for a sundowner.
11. If you need phone reception, stand on an anthill.
12. When the power cuts out for the 4th time in a day, it’s acceptable to barbecue pasta.
13. Watch out for falling snakes when walking under trees.
14. There are no tigers in Africa.
15. Regarding critters: where there’s one, there’s more and where there’s littleuns, there’s bigguns!
16. Flip flops can be made out of tyres, and they’re great for cornering.
17. A 4×4 is a big mistake, bring a helicopter.
18. Avoid eye contact with giraffes and spiders.
19. Only eat nshima with your right hand (google it).
20. If someone gives you a large quantity of peanuts, don a pair of rubber gloves to avoid shelling blisters.

PS. Please enjoy our end of trip out-takes, ones which didn’t make the cut!

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