3 June 2019

We have taken a day out to go the game park at Luangwa to take some rest and recreation. We are staying at Kafunta Lodge which looks out onto the banks of the Luangwa river bed which is about half a mile wide, mostly dry and sprinkled with animals.

When we arrived, we were walking to the accommodation when a snake fell out of a tree and landed on Caroline. She took this in her stride so we can only conclude that this sort of thing must happen all the time in Yateley. It turns out that Caroline is not scared of lions either, so we have agreed that if we are attacked by lions, Caroline will hold them off while Chris runs for help. Caroline is however afraid of frogs. She saw one in the river this afternoon and she is now a quivering wreck – green it was.

We went for a dip in the pool and a group of 15 giraffes wandered over. The collective noun for giraffes being a “Tower”. We soon became aware that they were watching us, and it is a rather surreal experience swimming whist being watched by giraffes. The thing is they don’t really say much. They just stand there silently not saying anything, just looking at you all sort of disapproving. We got out of the pool.

It turns out that sausages really do grow on trees. Here is a picture of Amy in front of a sausage tree to prove it.

We went for a game drive in the park and saw lots of animals. While we have been here in Zambia Stephen has been teaching us the African names of the animals. Chris has also been teaching us the gobbledegook names for them. So today in gobbledegook we have seen: Crocagators, Gyrafes, Hefalumps, Stripeyoss, Snort Hogs, Hitabottomus, and Leo-Pards. We have not yet seen any Lie-ins of Tiggers. During the drive we stopped by the river to admire a fabulous sunset.

We have held a competition among ourselves to produce the best selfie while we are here in the game park and you can judge the results for yourselves…


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