1 December 2018

This is our last real working day prior our return on Monday. Yotam is a profoundly deaf boy we sponsor and attends a government special boarding school for the deaf, twenty miles out of Chipata city near the Malawi border. It’s always so wonderful to see his face light up when we arrive but one feels so helpless thereafter as communication is very difficult. The head mistress kindly gave us a tour of the school which was of particular interest to Max. Leaving Yotam clutching a bag of goodies we headed 30 miles west to find the outstanding orphan families that needed a visit. God clearly onside, we were wholly rewarded for our troubles and mission accomplished. As I write we are sitting on our verandah anticipating our second Zambian Nshima feast from Rachael and reviewing the past frantic few days. It’s been great fun for me showing our “first timers” many of the things that were so much part of my early life.

Teaching the capture of flying ants

How to catch Cicadas with bush glue for eating, how to trap flying ants for crispy nibbles, teaching the greeting of folk in the chinyanja language, dealing with creepy crawlies and snakes and eating the traditional food using one hand only and so on. The Angoni and Chewa people are really lovely, happy, smiley people especially in the villages and the little kids adorable. I could not have had two better inquisitive companions who can relay the realities of what real poverty is back to our comfortable life back home. It’s tiring work “off roading” and nearly as bad on main roads as the photographs depict and this was 3 o’clock in the afternoon on our way back home albeit on the quiet tarmac.

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