10 June 2018

DAYS 11 & 12

We collected friends who had been on holiday in the game park yesterday so our first guests are here at Zoe House.  David and Sylvia are going back to London on Tuesday and by then I think they’ll have more than got a flavour of what we’re up to.  So far we’ve shown off Chipata’s new road system, the traffic lights that work (and those that don’t!), the street lights, (Come on!  They’re a whole new innovation to the city!) the super market, the ice cream parlour, the in-town ‘frog ponds’ (4m diving boards!!) AND we’ve been to church today – which was a whole new experience for them!  We’ve also been out into the Chiefdom and travelled from East to West on the non-roads to see some of the wells, gardens and orphans.  The lodges in the game park are luxurious so they’ve gone from chalk to cheese to say the least.  Full marks to them for joining in so well and not blanching at any point yet.  Well done the Brits!!

Happily Stephen has found driving the new vehicle out in the bush much easier, although it still hurts his neck so we hope we’re not inflicting too much damage on him before he has a chance to recover well.  Unhappily a certain other person reversed into a tree in the new vehicle so the back bumper is already slightly ‘re-arranged’!!

A simple water pump to make watering the vegetable gardens much easier.

The other end of the pump.

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1 Response to 10 June 2018

  1. caroline Cutliffe says:

    You amazing people! Missing you both. Look forward to seeing you soon Caroline xx

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