26 November 2017

Hi it was a quiet day today, day of rest. We went to Martha and Joffrey’s church (the Central Chipata Evangelical Church) – a similar size to ours. They start with a bible study at 9.30am which was about giving God the credit for what He does (unlike Hezekiah in 2 Chronicles 32) and recognise that everything we have and everything we can do is a gift from Him.
Then there is lively singing with ladies dancing at the front leading the worship.
Then anyone new or visiting is invited to stand and say hello and who they are, so we did that and relayed greetings from John Hunt and Wokingham Vineyard.
Then there was an excellent sermon from a man who is headmaster of the secondary school at Gondar, and an army captain as well as a church captain. He spoke about law vs grace and how salvation is not ‘performance related.’
At the end of the service everyone leaves the hall and as they go out they line up in a long line and each person leaving shakes everybody else’s hand and says hello. It’s a great system! We chatted to folk we know from Mamarula’s and several familiar faces who all wanted to send John their good wishes.
Then back to Zoe House. We had a great Sunday lunch of roast quail, raised here in the barn – delicious! It has been much easier living here on this visit. The water has been on 99% of the time, and the generator has kicked in a few times but we have had electricity. Lots of thunder and lightning today but not much rain.
It has been good to just rest and do some ‘loafing about’, recharging for tomorrow.
Sending a photo of an impressive bruise Chris sustained when his elbow bounced off the truck window frame going over a bouncy piece of road. Shows the forces involved in the bounces! Victoria knows what we’re talking about! (as do the others who have been here and similar places)
Other photos include sparrows nesting at Zoe House ( very psalm 84 Susie!), and the jacaranda tree growing next to the house, a rainstorm we watched on the way home yesterday but it did not come near us – we feel so blessed and protected. God has kept the weather dry, enabling us to get out to the remote areas which would be cut off when the roads are rendered impassable by the rain.
I am slightly worried that this will happen during the day while we are out there!! But God has looked after us so far, I am sure He will keep it up!
And a snap of a car we followed on the way home, laden down with maize meal!

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