25 November 2017

Hello again from sunny and slightly stormy Zambia!

We are pleased to report that we had another very successful day hunting for Zoe kids who were engaged in all sorts of fun activities like ‘going for a mango’ as it was Saturday. They don’t seem to get bored, there’s a craze on making spinners out of bottle tops, and there’s always pigs and chickens to chase. There was even open air theatre in Tambala village which we disturbed slightly to borrow one boy out of the crowd of spectators.

When we find them there are effusive greetings with the guardians and handshakes with bemused children, and photos to record the occasion. Chris is starting to get creative with salutes or getting the kids to wear his hat. We took a video of an entire local village group including his family all waving hello to take to Yotam, the deaf pupil at boarding school.

All the hats and smaller size shirts, all the girls clothing, and the baby clothes, and most of the larger shirts have been given out now out of the 2 suitcases of clothes we were given.

We have now seen 45 out of 48 Zoe kids, which is about 92% by our calculations, an excellent percentage , but we are aiming at 100%.

As the kids have realised that one thing we do is discuss their school reports with their guardians, we have noticed a distinct tendency among some of those with poorer reports to make a run for it when they see the truck approaching!! With a lot of brave off road driving and perseverance we are gradually getting there, and planning pincer movements for the more fleet of foot!

The other nice thing we did was to buy nails and go back to Mnukwa school where half the classroom roofs blew off in a recent storm. It was a delight to see how happy the head teacher was with these, this will enable the community to repair the roof, hopefully before serious rain arrives – there’s a thing to pray for.

We also bought a football for each school as everywhere we went they all seemed to have been punctured but clearly after a lot of use!
They do love football here, just today we have seen Arsenal, Man United and Chelsea shirts, one with Lampard on the back. I’m sure they are not the expensive latest versions though. We saw a guy wearing one flip flop and several kids only had one shoe; most of them aren’t wearing shoes at all.

Church tomorrow, which will be good.
Can’t believe this time next week we will be back home!!

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