24 June 2016

THANK YOU LORD – with knobs on!!  The water came on last night just before bed and so we were able to have a shower.  Such bliss!  Quite how the wonderful Nercia manages to do all our washing and clean the house without running water is a mystery.  As I said to her, “You’re a miracle worker!”  The water AND electricity were on this morning so yippy-do-da-doh!!   You feel as though you ought to have a shower whether you need one or not, just incase!

Off to Evergreen Community Garden first thing to deliver the wheelbarrow, picks and shovels – faces lit up at such treasures! – and then on to Mwazyangulu school to re-measure, then re-re-measure the lengths between the brick columns, at present NOT holding up the verandah roof.  If the wood lengths we bought this afternoon don’t do the trick we’ll have to get the children at Mercer’s School – where we went next – to give us maths lessons!  Those little children are amazing.  They could say all the numbers up to 20, and knew their (obvious!) body parts in English (a foreign language, don’t forget) so there was no catching them out when we played ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’.  Don’t know if EVERYONE in Zambia can sing so that they’re heard in heaven but these littlies surely can!!   More eyes lighting up when we gave Mrs Kunga the loo rolls, soap and first-aid pack but a look of amazement that in the street we just happened to meet the very lady who could give them a trained teacher.  We’re still just as amazed as she!

Before buying the wood, tried this afternoon (in desperation) to buy a sewing machine as the Singer machine so kindly lent (circa at least 1920!!) has been having hiccups.  Tried and failed!!  Ah well only 2 more curtains to go, but I’ve told Stephen if there’s another curtain hiccup someone is going to be hung, drawn and quartered – twice!!  With planks of wood sticking out of the back of the 4 x 4 we had to pray all the way home that we wouldn’t side-swipe some poor cyclist or pedestrian – we didn’t.  Phew

Been thinking of the UK lots as voting has gone on today.

Should have had listened to my own advice – water off again!! 

Delivering chicken manure to fertilise our ginger crop.

Delivering chicken manure to fertilise our ginger crop.

Yoo-hoo!!  Water on again so into the shower half asleep just incase that wasn’t going to last  (we’re learning!) and then to the TV to watch BBC World News.  Oh my.  Talk about a huge boulder being dropped into a pond – ripples upon ripples as the day’s proceeded. (I’ve been watching whilst re-making curtains 9 & 10.  Is this a lesson in perseverance and patience I wonder?!!)  John and Stephen went off to pick up a large load of free chicken doo-doo from a source they knew and hopefully it will help the ginger in Mr Kunga’s garden where it was deposited. 

This afternoon John and I painted a wall in the sitting room which may not sound momentous to YOU, but having lived in military housing all our married lives, and then at the golf club where painters were to hand, we’d never attempted such a feat.  ‘Could do better’ is probably the report but liveable with for the next 10 days.  The pair of re-made curtains nearest the wall were carefully removed!!!!  (Think I may be developing a nervous tick on this subject like Chief Inspector Dreyfus in the Pink Panther films!!)

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