Visit report Thursday 10 December 2015

What a hot day today has been which has required litres of water to keep us all going. That said we visited the Chiefs kingdom with a government NGO man who has been involved with HATW and the skills centre in Manukwa village. His primary role is medical and hospital builds on behalf of the government and church bodies in Zambia. We took him to our model project to meet Mr Khunga and he will be an ally as we continue to get the tribal hierarchy to respond at some of our well sites. Onto the HATW centre where we are having benches made for Mercers House which is the school. The man who runs the centre had been supervising the of making of school uniforms so progress is very much in evidence. We then found many of our orphan mums in Manukwa village where they had, in many cases walked over 10 kilometres, to collect the maize promised by the government to ease the dire situation that is developing. Incredibly the delivery had not materialised and as you can imagine there were some seriously disgruntled souls heading home.

PM we visited Mr Jere who is a farmer on the border with Malawi. He is a relation of Stephens and farms on a grander scale than we at the well heads. Dependent on successful growing conditions we get some maize and vegetables for the orphan families as a gift each year. We closed our working day with a visit to our orphan family of three girls living in town and found them well. I’m afraid we called it a day earlier than usual as the 40C at midday had defeated us. Tomorrow we commence delivering the Christmas presents and sorely needed food hampers to the children and their guardians so hope we have a cooler day.

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