Visit report Sunday 13 December 2015.

Managed an hour of sleep before an alarm call heralded a new day which was to be some pleasure and work. Chipata has the 4th oldest course in Africa and is where my love for game started when my parents were farming here in the 1950’s. It’s hard to describe just how difficult and dangerous the game is playing on sand Browns with people crossing every fairway on foot, bikes and cars. Added to the fact I would not venture into the rough for fear of Cobras and the detritus of human beings where public toilets are non existent! I’d forgotten what 18 holes were like in 80 degrees but fun was had by all.

We joined Martha and Joffrey, pastors of a little local church, and enjoyed an Anglo African service which is always a wonderful colourful occasion. African singing can really stir the hair on the back of the neck. Sensibly Joffrey recognised the wilting congregation in the tin roof shed and we escaped a quick one hour service to have a pie and drink at The Spa supermarket before heading out to the villages for the last time this trip.

IMG_2117Our last four families had gathered from various distances at the school we have built to receive their gifts and not wishing to repeat myself it was yet again a great humbling experience especially  when I tell you one of the guardians is a granny well over 80 looking after a very bright young orphan boy. I’m pleased this phase is now complete and thank everybody who has contributed along the way and especially a friend of mines daughter who lives in Litchfield and put all the presents together for this trip.

I’m sorry to learn the blog has not been getting through but internet is hard enough here and particularly this last four days.  I close as the heavens are at last appearing to bring the much needed rain and respite to the heat. Tomorrow is administration in town , seeking advice on customs clearance for a container I wish to send out and seeing Chief Manukwa. We fly back from Lilongwe via Johannesburg  on Tuesday arriving home 5.30 Wednesday. God bless you all for your support and prayers.  IMG_2100

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