Visit report. Saturday 12 December 2015.

Talk about a plague of frogs I’ve heard and seen nothing like it  As I write this blog its 3 AM  Sunday morning and the noise is indescribable. There are literally hundreds of tiny frogs that have appeared mysteriously in the gardens after the recent rain and are in full voice at a decibel level that would have tested Maria Callas’s highest note and hence rather difficult for shut eye. The power supply is again shut off and it’s pitch black outside save for the stars. Inside my room it’s even darker, like a gentle Turkish bath being without a fan and lo, I’ve just heard the first village cockerel!

IMG_0561Our second day was again spent distributing presents in three different villages with the same emotional experience as Friday. Apart from the delight the children show it’s equally rewarding to witness the expression of the guardian when receiving the hamper of mealie meal,dried fish, dried beans,oil,salt and sugar. It’s just at this time in the year when the subsistence farming community are at their most vulnerable,running out of the previous years stored grain harvest and have no money from any sales they might have made. Zoe’s gift is hence even more appreciated.

We then moved on to inspect the activity at the first and second wells sunk in 2013. You will be aware it has not been plain sailing at all the wells in terms of producing a community style cooperative growing ginger and vegetables for sale. I’m pleased to report we are making progress, albeit limited. At well two a small sugar cane crop has been planted and at well one paprika, okra and aubergines are new initiatives being tried. I sensed a renewed enthusiasm at these wells which may well be due to the modest success we are achieving at well number three filtering down, who knows, but we will continue the battle on.

The frog chorus is just dying down, a pair of eagle owls have just replaced them with their wonderful throaty calls and its now nearly 5 AM. Michael and I are teeing off on the local 9 hole golf course at 6.30 with two local chaps and then church and then out to the Chiefs area on our final delivery of presents.

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