Monday 7th

What a great Monday. On the road early to meet a Mr Nkoma who had been sourced as the possible supplier of a generator for Zoe house. Not only was it a man I had met on a previous visit when he was dealing with Jane Kaunda’s mechanical needs but in his yard stood a british made 11KVA generator in, on first sight, pristine condition. Michael

The generator for the house being checked out by Michael

The generator for the house being checked out by Michael

conducted a full running test and as we had hoped a perfect fit for the house. After the inevitable haggle we have saved ourselves over 50% of what had been the intended purchase from Lusaka. The machine is only up the road and the Dayas, my Indian friends, have agreed to crane it in at 7.30 tomorrow morning at no charge. Mr Nkoma, who owns a big garage operation mainly repairing and servicing vehicles for the safari operators in the Luwangwa valley will, with Michael, oversee the installation of a real find. The rest of the day was spent buying cable, preparing the site for the generator et al. and preparing to install a water tank to give us the independence we so sorely need.  On a general note the new Tarmac roads through town are complete, we have had some rain this evening and things are much fresher than yesterday. ( only 70F ) Tonight the flying ants are out, the geckos are feasting voraciously and the crickets are in full orchestral voice.

I feel we have been truly blessed today and set off tomorrow to view the new school in great heart and full of enthusiasm.

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