20 November 2012

We had big rain last night which cut off the power. The whole place is cooler and smelled much fresher after it had stopped raining.

We met with Stephen to say farewell before we went to the airport. When we got to the airport there were no aeroplanes, but John did find a huge locust on the grass. An enormous green thing about the size of a grapefruit and it looked just as sharp. When he threw it away it just started its engine and carried on flying.

The arrival of the Cessna was heralded by the fire engine (a red land rover) racing up and down the runway to scare off the birds. It landed and after a 20 minute turn around we embarked for Lusaka. The plane smelt ever so slightly of vom, and we knew from our previous flight there were no sick bags. The occupants must have had their own nightmare experience at 10,000ft.

The flight was uneventful if wiffy, and the pilot was flying around/through the cloud formations which was quite interesting. We could see how low the water level was in the Luangua river. This had been full of water/hippos/crocodiles when we were last here in July.

We picked up our hire car at Lusaka, dropped our kit at Kiango and drove down to Kafue which is about a 45 minute drive. We have come to meet Jairus who is pastor of the Kafue Vineyard church whih is the closest Vineyard to where we want to set up our project in Chipata.

Jairus invites us to his house and we met his wife and children and his assistant Allen. Kafue Vineyard is a small church with a regular congregation of about 20 people. They have had some difficult times recently but are now doing ok.

We updated Jairus on our progress and shared with him how we might get the project started, with a base in Chipata and working in the Chief’s tribal area. Jairus affirmed that our approach was the right one. We should keep true to John’s original vision to help orphans, and that should be our initial focus.

Drove back to Lusaka and went for a curry in the evening with David & Jesmine Thompson and their youngest son Phillip. The curried goat was excellent, as indeed was the beef and chicken.

We fly back to UK tomorrow.

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1 Response to 20 November 2012

  1. Ngwira Stephen says:

    The visit of col.John Hunt and Chris was interesting and could be a good stepping stone for many challenges facing orphans in Chief Munukwa’s Chiefdom in Chipata as a results of HIV/AIDS. The project would have multiple linkages between the vulnerability and HIV/AID.

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