19 November 2012

We drove into town to the Protea Hotel where there is wifi internet access. This is how we are keeping in contact with the UK.

Mrs Jane Kaunda drove to the hotel from her farm which is on the border with Malawi. Jane is the wife of Col. Panji Kaunda who is the son of the first president of Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda who is affectionately known throughout Zambia as KK. We updated Jane with our progress to date and John asked her if she would agree to be a Director of our company. She said she would be honoured. This is great and we now have our Board of Directors in place.

We had fallen mangos from the tree for lunch then went to see Zed Daya. The next stage of our project will be to establish a base of operations in Chipata, and Zed suggested a couple of rental properties for us to look at. Naeem drove us to look at them, and one was a good two story house which would require very little work to make it habitable. The owner is out of the country but we have left an expression of interest with Zed who will speak to him on his return.

We drove out of town to look at another house which was not so good. The rains had brought thousands of large ants up out of their nests and they swarming across the ground. Michael the ownerks nephew was only wearing flip flops and was hopping to and fro with his feet covered in ants while he talked business over the rent. It was like a strange kind of business boogie – a cross between an auction and Saturday Night Fever. This is a certainly a good way to get your opponent on the back foot, but I don’t think we will be taking this house – it’s infested with ants….

Got back to Mama Rulas before dark. There are huge african land snails slithering about – you have to watch where you tread in the dark. There are six overlander trucks and the place is packed with explorers.

We fly back to Lusaka tomorrow.

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