Day 21

We had spent quite a lot of time following up leads and making phone calls to track down the Vineyard Church in Zambia. Having made contact with the Pastor, Jairus, at the Kafue Vineyard, we drove down there and met him and his ‘loyal supporter’ Alan. Jairus invited us into his home and we met his wife and children. The Vineyard at Kafue was planted from the Vineyard at Ndola three years ago. Jairus had been at Ndola for 15 years under Pastor Damas and had spent 3 years preparing to plant. His vision was for a social centre and not just a church, and have a model of helping people in their own homes with means rather than money. They had also wanted to start a school (his wife is a schoolteacher) but had no resources. With no resources or outside help, Jairus makes tents to earn money, just like Paul in Acts 18:2.
He is also from the Eastern Province and when John asked him if he would be prepared to plant a church in Chipata he said yes – because he had had Chipata on his heart.

We drove back to Lusaka, changed and made our way to the Parliament building. Panji met us and escorted us in and we sat in the Members Lounge listening to the government conducting its business in the chamber. The Zambian parliament is set in extensive grounds with Impalas grazing and tall palm trees. We saw the speaker and his entourage wearing gowns and wigs carrying the ceremonial mace processing into the chamber and all we all stood for the national anthem.
While we were waiting John was recognised by one of the lady MPs who had seen us at the Cathedral on Sunday.

Panji introduced us to the Minister of Health, the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare (who has family in Bracknell), and the Minister of Transport. We shared the vision and explained that we wanted to do things properly working with their ministries and staff. They were all very positive and encouraging. Panji walked us out of the Parliament and wished us farewell.

Outside the parliament building a group of young men introduced themselves. They were Jackie Rundquist’s Dreamriders who were on an educational visit to the Parliament building with a number of other young people. Jackie had described us to them and they had spotted us in the crowd. They were in Year 9 and studying for exams. Three were brothers. All were very bright and one said he even wanted to be a parliamentarian having seen the government in action – a future MP perhaps? They were inspiring because they all appeared to have clear aspirations about their future and were well motivated.

This had been quite a day and we went back to Kiango, had a meal and packed for the morning.

A classic scene of a class in the bush

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