Day 18

My old church in Chipata

Went to the 10:00 service at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka. They have an earlier more formal service which you would recognise from any English church then the 10:00 service is a bit less formal. There was a fantastic robed choir plus a visiting choir from another church shining songs in English and Chinyanja. The reading was the one from James again about looking after orphans and widows in their distress… It makes you think, and we both smiled when we heard it – it’s like God is following us about! They then asked all the visitors to stand and then we had to go to the microphone in front of the entire congregation of the cathedral and introduce ourselves, say who we were and where we were from and why we were here. We met the Bishop and spent some time with the Dean Father Charley and David Thompson afterwards and have made some appointments for later this week. Church services here seem to last 3 hours plus.

We have finally succeeded in contacting the local Vineyard Church here in Zambia. Charley gave us a contact in the Pentecostal Church who gave us a contact, who gave us a contact etc. after a lot of phone calls we spoke with Pastor Damas of the Ndola Vineyard, which is a long way North of Lusaka. He put us in touch with Jairus of the Kafue Vineyard which was a church plant from Ndola, and we are hoping drive down there to meet up with him on Wednesday. Jairus is from Chipata which is where we are hoping to set up our operation. Small world. These churches trace their lineage back to the Columbus Vineyard in the USA. We are also in touch with the New Orleans Vineyard who are also in Zambia.

We went to an amazing street market in a place called the Arcades. You have to haggle whenever you buy something, so all those hours watching Monty Python weren’t wasted. John is very good haggler.

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