Day 17

France is celebrating Bastille Day and we know there was a bun fight at the French ambassador’s residence, to which we weren’t invited.

John honoured his invitation and it was a thoroughly interesting trip down memory lane playing at the Lusaka Golf Club. He reports he played particularly well although he missed not having his magic wand – his putter – when on the greens.

Chris charming orphans

Chris ventured forth with the pick up truck and journeyed down the corrugated dust roads to visit the Kasisi Childrens Home which is run by an order of Catholic Polish Nuns about  10km outside Lusaka. They have been running since 1926 and take in orphaned and abandoned babies, who they raise and sponsor through local schools and even into further education. They have a good early years set up with lots of babies and play areas and toys. There are dormitories for the older children and the teenagers occupy their own single gender accommodation.  They seek to create family feel in their accommodation and Chris met the teenagers who were watching telly. They also had computers and music centre. Working with babies requires intensive resources but they seem to have them. There are only 9 nuns but they have a number of paid staff in addition. They also work with children with Special Needs and have trained staff for this. Sister Mariola gave us some useful advice and was very encouraging about our vision, she said every small thing would help and sent her greeting to our church and said she would pray for us. They manage entirely on donations and have a website if anyone is interested in making a contribution to their work – this is a very worthy cause.

John’s golf team mate turned out to be an accountant and we now have the low down on what the options and procedures are here for setting up a legal entity/organisation i.e. a Trust or a Not for Profit Company or a Non Governmental Organisation. There are pros and cons with all of them but we feel we understand the issues now.

We had a jolly good curry at our residence and an early night.

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