Friday – Day 16

We are back in Lusaka and the capital is appreciably more developed and built up than in the rural and provincial areas.

Chris is monitoring the flood warnings for England. And it seems you are all having a wet summer in the UK. By comparison we have had bright sunshine every day here 27 degrees plus every day we have been here and it burns the skin from about 9am through to about 5pm. We are reluctantly using the sun creams our wives and daughters gave us, but only when no-one is looking.

John with his froggies in

John is using the headphones from his iPod on his mobile phone, but they have little frogs on them with smiling faces which stick out from his ears. He cuts quite a figure when he has his froggies in, which is greatly amusing Chris.

John made lots of phone calls to set up appointments for our remaining time here. We are hoping to meet with Col. Kaunda on Monday.

We met David Thompson in the street quite by chance and were invited to join him and two of his sons for a round of golf at the Lusaka Golf Club. Chris doesn’t play golf but was encouraged to take a swing – not good. John on the other hand has some golfing experience (apparently) and he finished the 9th hole par 3 with a birdie -a 20ft putt with a 7 iron on a sloping green right in front of the clubhouse. We met with the Club Manager and the upshot is that John has been invited to play in the Zambia Amateur competition tomorrow….

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