And they’re off!

John & Chris take the BA 0255 19.10 flight to Lusaka tonight. From Chris:

Have packed my mossie net and funny hat. John says he hasn’t got a funny hat yet but we will see – he’ll be the odd man out if he doesn’t get one. It’s a 10 hour overnight flight and we arrive in Lusaka at 6am. We are picking up a hire car at the airport which will be a 4 wheel drive because some of what we’re doing is on unpaved roads. Feeling excited about what we’re doing. I met with John and Suzie yesterday evening to sort out some final preparations and we prayed together. 

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2 Responses to And they’re off!

  1. Sheila Taylor says:

    Great blog! Hope your first day was special. Love Mum & Rich

  2. barrybailey says:

    …you’re looking ever so slightly worried Chris….

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